Analysis, Decision Model Provides Evaluation Tool For HIV/AIDS Policies

The Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks” blog examines an analysis (.pdf), titled “Policy Analysis and Advocacy Decision Model for HIV-Related Services: Males Who Have Sex with Males, Transgender People, and Sex Workers,” from the Health Policy Project, which is funded by USAID and implemented by the Futures Group, and African Men for Sexual Health and Rights (AMSHeR), a regional coalition of organizations in Africa. The blog writes, “Effectively a handbook for advocates, policymakers and service providers, the [report] identifies” different policies that are restrictive or inadequately address the needs of the key affected populations (Barton, 9/23). According to the report summary, it provides a “Decision Model” that helps stakeholders evaluate “policies that affect access to and sustainability of key services” among these populations (September 2013).