An End To AIDS Is Possible In Our Generation

In this post in the Huffington Post’s “Impact” blog, Sheila Nix, U.S. executive director of ONE, summarizes progress in the global fight against HIV/AIDS in the 30 years since the first cases were documented and writes that “as budgets constrict and leaders turn their attention inward, it’s easy to see why a renewed push on global AIDS doesn’t seem possible. Yet 2011 marks a critical inflection point in our fight against AIDS.”

“Game-changing studies have offered exciting new tools in the fight to prevent HIV — including new data that shows treatment works as prevention, reducing the likelihood of passing on HIV by as much as 96 percent. Collectively, these advances show that bending the curve on AIDS is possible in our generation,” she writes, concluding, “With the right political leadership we will, by 2015, see the beginning of the end of AIDS” (11/9).