amfAR Releases New Analysis On Data Availability Across Major Funders Of Global HIV, TB, Malaria Efforts, Including U.S.

amfAR: Data Watch: Data Accessibility from Global Funders of HIV, TB, and Malaria Programming
According to a release, this new report from amfAR “analyzes data availability across four of the key funders of global HIV, TB, and malaria programming: The Global Fund, PEPFAR, PMI, and USAID TB programming. The report details which data are publicly available from each funder and which data are not. It focuses on the level of information available to grassroots advocates and communities to monitor and understand how donor-funded programs for HIV, TB, and malaria are working in their own communities. Specifically, it assesses the adequacy of data regarding who is being funded in a given community, what they have been funded to do, and whether they have delivered as contracted. The report makes specific recommendations for each of the funders to improve the level of data transparency” (10/28).