American Principles, Ideals Should Guide Support Of U.S. Foreign Aid

Huffington Post: Maintaining a Moral Argument for Foreign Aid
Samuel A. Worthington, CEO of InterAction

“…As we continue to defend the parts of the U.S. budget that support international development, humanitarian assistance, and the promotion of democratic values, we cannot disregard the moral underpinnings behind what we do. … [W]ithout principles, foreign assistance loses its connection to American values of freedom, justice, and the idea that anyone, anywhere, should be able to live and work with dignity and up to their full potential. … When we act in a manner inspired by principles or ideals, our country succeeds in saving lives and creating a more stable world. Prominent initiatives such as the Marshall Plan, PEPFAR, and the Global Food Security Act were undertaken because they were the right thing to do. Over time, they also contributed to our security, economy, and public image. Effective foreign assistance must represent our better selves, and yes, it does advance our own well-being and keeps us safe” (7/18).