Al Jazeera Examines How Mexico City Policy Impacting Mozambique Health Programs, Other Non-Profit Organizations

Al Jazeera: ‘Women and girls will die’: Trump’s foreign aid rule on abortion
“…Sebastiao Muthisse from AMODEFA, the Mozambican Association for Family Development, outlined the dilemma the aid organization faced. They were not prepared to sign Trump’s so-called ‘global gag rule’ forbidding mention of abortion, and, as a result, projects had to close. … In [Mozambique,] where it’s estimated that up to 13 percent of people aged between 15 and 49 live with HIV, the support of organizations like AMODEFA can be a lifeline. But the work AMODEFA does with families … is under threat, due to their refusal to sign up to the Trump policy. Project leader Dr. Marcelo Kantu is concerned about the future. … The charity is now urgently looking at alternative ways to help those they support, seeking new partners and other avenues of funding. … Despite two months of asking, nobody from the U.S. administration was available to be interviewed for our program…” (Spiller/Mcrae, 12/8).