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News Outlets Examine How Mexico City Policy Impacting NGOs Working On Women’s Health In Zimbabwe, India

Christian Science Monitor: As aid rules tighten under Trump, Africa’s family planning clinics gear up for major gap
“In Zimbabwe, family planning aid has dramatically reduced maternal and infant mortality. Now, one group is scrambling to make up aid it will lose as the ‘Mexico City’ policy is reinstated — even though the group doesn’t perform abortions in the country…” (Brown, 4/7). The Trump gag rule hits India: Organizations asked to declare they do not provide abortion services
“…In January, soon after he came to power, United States President Donald Trump had reinstated the contentious global gag rule … In March, USAID revised its policy to restrict funding as per the gag rule. Within weeks, organizations in India that receive or seek USAID funding have been asked to sign self-certifications stating: ‘Organization does not provide abortion services, counsel or refer for abortion, or advocate for the liberalization of abortion laws with U.S. Govt. or non-U.S. Govt. funds, including its own funds’…” (Rao, 4/6).