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AFRICOM’s Involvement In Ebola Response Could Change Future Aid For Human Security Threats

Washington Post: Will AFRICOM’s Ebola response be watershed moment for international action on human security?
Maryam Zarnegar Deloffre, assistant professor in the Department of Historical and Political Studies at Arcadia University

“…The AFRICOM and UNMEER missions are not your typical militarized humanitarian intervention. Defining the Ebola crisis as a human security issue is a game changer. There is no conflict in the West African countries most heavily affected by Ebola (at least not yet), thus the security threat highlighted by the [U.N. Security Council] is a threat to people and their humanity — the right to life with dignity. … Mobilized by a human security threat, the coordinated activities of AFRICOM, UNMEER, NGOs, and local governments hold promise for addressing human security threats…” (9/29).