African Nations Must Invest In Continent’s Health Through Partnerships Like Global Fund

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Let’s work together to invest in Africa’s health
Uhuru Kenyatta, president of Kenya

“…In the spirit of shared responsibility and global solidarity, African countries can commit to play a bigger role by investing more in their health through the Global Fund. … [W]e, as African countries, have a key role to play in co-investing in health with our partners. Kenya is pledging US$5 million to the Global Fund for the coming three-year funding cycle. We all must come together and contribute to create enough impetus against HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria and other health concerns that continue to devastate our people. The Global Fund is an example of great partnerships for development that we can form in every sector as we seek to build stronger societies. These types of partnerships recognize that world problems are shared. They re-emphasize that the world must learn to build bridges and look outward rather than inwards. Above all, they provide avenues for low- and middle-income economies to play a prominent role in their own destinies. It is the way to create a transformative impact on people and to reinvigorate our communities and economies…” (9/15).