African Development Bank Should Prioritize Continent’s Health Security, EpiAFRIC CEO Writes

IPS: Four Ways the African Development Bank Can Support a More Secure Africa
Ifeanyi Nsofor, medical doctor, CEO of EpiAFRIC, and director of policy and advocacy for Nigeria Health Watch

“…[T]he recent increment in the capital base of the African Development Bank by $125 billion to $208 billion, should be commended as it could support improved health security across the continent. … Specifically, with its increased capital base, these are four ways the African Development Bank can support a more secure Africa. First, provide grants to the Africa Centre for Disease Control and national public health institutes to increase laboratory diagnostic capacities. … Second, work in partnership with the African Union to train the local health workforce and increase local African capacity to prevent, detect, respond to, and manage disease outbreaks. … Third, improve infectious disease detection between borders. … Fourth, work with national governments and support their efforts for universal health coverage. … [T]he African Development Bank should prioritize the health security of Africa, because a healthy continent would be more prosperous and then attractive to investors” (11/7).