Africa Marks 1 Year Without Recorded Polio Case; Experts Warn Resurgence Possible Without Sustained Immunization Campaigns

Agence France-Presse: Africa celebrates one year without polio: U.N.
“Africa has marked one year since the last case of recorded polio, with the United Nations celebrating Wednesday a key step towards eradicating the disease. The last recorded case on the continent was in Somalia on August 11, 2014, although health officials must wait two more years before declaring the continent free from the highly infectious, crippling virus…” (8/12).

The Guardian: Africa’s year free of polio is giant step towards eradication
“…But both Somalia and Nigeria, which also saw its last polio case in 2014, are battling Islamist militant groups — al-Shabaab and Boko Haram respectively — raising fears that vaccines will not reach children displaced by conflict…” (Smith, 8/11).

Huffington Post: It’s Been 1 Year Since Africa Has Had Any New Polio Cases
“…Volunteers, religious leaders, health workers, and government agencies have banded together to bring vaccines to rural areas and to dispel myths associated with getting the shots…” (Goldberg, 8/11).

New York Times: A Milestone in Africa: No Polio Cases in a Year
“…Africa has never gone so long without a case of polio. But in an indication of how nervous experts still are that the disease may resurge, even the announcement from the Global Polio Eradication Initiative was tentatively headlined ‘Is Africa Polio-Free?’…” (McNeil, 8/11).