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Afghan Insecurity, War Taking ‘Heavy Toll’ On Children

Epoch Times: Afghan Children Pay the Price of Brutal War
César Chelala, an international public health consultant

“Decades of insecurity and war [in Afghanistan] have provoked a heavy toll on children’s lives and well being. An under-five mortality rate of 199 per 1,000 live births as reported by UNICEF is among the highest in the world. … In addition, health and education systems suffer from lack of funds and qualified professionals, a situation worsened by the security situation…” Chelala describes respiratory and intestinal infections, vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles and polio, diarrhea, hunger and malnutrition, and “psychological trauma resulting in serious mental health problems, including psychiatric disorders and post-traumatic stress syndrome,” as contributing to child morbidity and mortality in Afghanistan (1/8).