Advances In Cancer Research Could Guide Work Toward HIV Cure

CNN: Cancer research could help the search towards an HIV cure
Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, co-discoverer of HIV and immediate past president of the International AIDS Society; Sharon Lewin, inaugural director of the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity; and Steven Deeks, professor at the University of California San Francisco; and all co-chairs of the IAS Towards an HIV Cure Symposium

“…Finding a safe, affordable, and scalable cure for HIV is a formidable challenge. … Despite these challenges, the quest to develop a cure for HIV has made remarkable advances over the past four years. … The parallels between HIV and cancer are striking. … Efforts are now underway to determine if … cancer therapies can be used to build up the immune system of patients with HIV in such a way that they too can achieve a durable and perhaps life-long treatment-free state of remission. … [W]e need to do more to bring HIV and cancer research together — incentivizing scientists to work across diseases and ensuring that research funding allows for these synergies. Transformative advances in the cancer field may well provide inspiration for future directions of a strategy to guide those working towards an HIV cure” (7/15).