Achieving SDGs Requires Commitment From Global Leaders, Citizens To Address Climate Change

Project Syndicate: Social Solidarity for Sustainable Development
Gro Harlem Brundtland, acting chair of The Elders

“…Climate action is integral to progress in [peace, justice, and human rights]. … But a sufficiently bold climate strategy demands courage and political commitment from leaders. … [E]very head of state, every government, and every citizen has a responsibility to ensure that we achieve the [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)]. … Achieving the SDGs — and, thus, tackling the climate crisis — will require us to stand up to the vested political, business, and economic interests that seek to maintain our current unequal order. It will also demand that we overhaul our unsustainable lifestyles and our patterns of production and consumption, while confronting the issue of rapid population growth. Everyone will have to pull their weight…” (9/28).