A.U. Leaders To Discuss Ebola, Preparations For Future Disease Outbreaks

Agence France-Presse: African Union vows Ebola fund as Oxfam calls for ‘Marshall Plan’
“The African Union plans to launch an Ebola fund and disease control center, officials said Wednesday, as aid agency Oxfam warned leaders needed to keep their promises to boost health care systems on the continent…” (1/28).

Devex: Post-Ebola, A.U. plans pan-African CDC
“The African Union will announce the launch of its Ebola Solidarity Fund on Friday during the A.U. summit in Addis Ababa, a first step toward its goal of establishing an African center for disease control by mid-2015…” (Anders, 1/29).

VOA News: A.U. Summit to Discuss Lessons, Stigma of Ebola
“…A.U. assembly members are due to discuss two reports related to the Ebola crisis during the summit. A.U. Commission Deputy Chairperson Erastus Mwencha told reporters the outbreak seemed to be waning, but regional leaders wanted to be prepared for the next possible health crisis…” (Joselow, 1/28).