COVID-19 Pandemic Presents Opportunity To Rethink Economic, Social Systems Based On Resilience, A.U. Development Head Says

Devex: This is an opportunity to imagine new systems, says A.U. development chief
“COVID-19 has revealed a fragility in social and economic systems that presents an opportunity to reimagine them in ways that are more resilient, says Ibrahim Assane Mayaki, CEO of AUDA-NEPAD, the African Union’s development agency. … He called on civil society, the private sector, and governments to rethink economic and social systems based on the concept of resilience. ‘We have not reflected enough about which type of social systems and economic systems we should build in order to cope in the future with such a pandemic,’ Mayaki said, noting that the pandemic has led communities to examine the relevance of many institutions, including governments themselves…” (Root, 6/17).