4 European Countries Pilot Joint, ‘Intersectoral’ Effort To Address TB, HIV, Hepatitis

WHO Regional Office for Europe: Four countries pilot a joint, multisectoral response to tuberculosis (TB), HIV and viral hepatitis
“Following the launch in 2018 of the United Nations Common Position on Ending HIV, TB and Viral Hepatitis through Intersectoral Collaboration, Belarus, Georgia, Portugal, and Tajikistan agreed to lead the way on adopting an intersectoral approach in their response to the 3 diseases. The Common Position, signed by 14 United Nations agencies, addresses the social, economic, and environmental determinants of the 3 epidemics through action in areas outside the health sector. … The 4 pilot countries have already developed some forms of cooperation between sectors, particularly with the social sector, local governance, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that provide different forms of support to patients suffering from these diseases or under long-term treatment. These range from providing financial aid and food aid to ensuring patients’ protection in social networks and, in some cases, supporting family members as well…” (11/19)