CDC Researchers Predict Continued Spread Of MDR-TB In 4 Countries Without Prevention, Treatment Interventions

Huffington Post: The Deadliest Form Of Tuberculosis Is Snowballing In Countries That Are Already Hard Hit
“The deadliest forms of tuberculosis are worsening in four of the countries with the largest number of TB cases, according to a new report in the Lancet Infectious Diseases journal…” (Weber, 5/9).

NPR: Drug-Resistant TB Is Predicted To Steadily Spread In 4 Countries
“…Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention forecast that these complicated — and potentially deadly — cases of TB will become far more common in Russia, India, the Philippines, and South Africa by the year 2040…” (Beaubien, 5/9).

Science: Drug-resistant tuberculosis strains gain foothold
“…Nearly 40 percent of the world’s drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections already occur in Russia, South Africa, India, and the Philippines. By 2040, the modelers suggest this week in the Lancet Infectious Diseases, MDR strains will become more common in each of those countries, making up nearly one in 10 cases in India and the Philippines and nearly one in three in Russia…” (Cohen, 5/9).

VOA News: Researchers Predict Increase in Drug-resistant TB
“…Worldwide, there are 10.4 million new cases of TB each year, resulting in nearly two million deaths. The bacteria, says [Peter Cegielski, team leader for Prevention, Care and Treatment of Tuberculosis at the CDC’s Global Tuberculosis Branch,] kills more people than any other germ on the planet. Cegielski warns that drug-resistant TB is going to become increasingly more common, resulting in many more deaths, unless more money is spent on prevention and treatment efforts” (Berman, 5/9).