214M Women Worldwide Lack Access To Modern Contraceptives, Reproductive Health Services, Guttmacher Report Shows

Humanosphere: More than 200 million women still lack access to modern contraception
“A new study published [Thursday] by the Guttmacher Institute reports that some 214 million women, mostly in the developing world, lack access to modern methods of contraception and other reproductive services routinely available in the West…” (Nikolau, 6/29).

Slate: In Developing Nations, 214 Million Women Want to Prevent Pregnancy But Have No Contraception
“…These women, the majority of whom live in Southern Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, account for 84 percent of all unintended pregnancies in developing countries. If they had access to contraception, Guttmacher estimates, unintended pregnancies in these regions would shrink from 89 million to 22 million per year, and induced abortions would drop from 48 million to 13 million per year…” (Cauterucci, 6/29).