2020 U.S. Presidential Candidates Should Commit To Improving Pandemic Preparedness, Response, Expert Writes

The Hill: It’s time to protect U.S. and the world against global pandemics
Charles B. Holmes, faculty co-director at the Center for Global Health Practice and Impact and professor of medicine at Georgetown University

“The current administration is undermining efforts to follow the science and prepare for threats of the future at a time when a new study finds that not one country is prepared for a pandemic. … Unless our political leaders act soon, the post-mortem conducted after the next big pandemic will provide a damning portrait of failed leadership, misguided priorities, and an insufficient belief in the power of science to protect humanity. The good news is that upcoming elections provide an excellent opportunity for our political leaders to commit to bold U.S. leadership to protect humanity. The 2020 U.S. presidential candidates should commit to: 1. Doubling-down on America’s scientific leadership and investing in a ‘Manhattan project’ for the next generation of technologies to detect, prevent, and treat pathogens most likely to cause large outbreaks or pandemics that spread around the world. … 2. Committing to ending existing pandemics of HIV, TB, and malaria while increasing investments in pandemic preparedness and response. … 3. Re-engaging in multi-lateral partnerships…” (11/4).