2 Of 3 Children In Need Of Humanitarian Aid In Central African Republic, UNICEF Says

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Rising numbers of ‘skeletal’ children as Central African Republic violence surges
“Starving, hiding in the bush or with armed groups, two in three children in the Central African Republic need aid, the United Nations said on Friday, as surging violence, attacks on humanitarians, and funding shortages raise the specter of famine…” (Lazareva, 11/30).

U.N. News: Armed groups threaten every child in Central African Republic, UNICEF warns
“…The report, ‘Crisis in the Central African Republic: In a neglected emergency, children need aid, protection — and a future,’ finds that life has become harsher and more dangerous for children: thousands are trapped within armed groups, with thousands more subject to sexual violence. Beyond the direct threats associated with the conflict, the country is suffering from a severe humanitarian crisis: 1.5 million children now require humanitarian assistance, an increase of 300,000 since 2016; over 43,000 children below five years old are projected to face an extremely high risk of death due to severe acute malnutrition next year; and one in four children is either displaced or a refugee…” (11/29).