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2 New Ebola Cases In Nigeria Arise From Secondhand Contact; 14 Total Cases In Country

News outlets report on two new Ebola cases in Nigeria that arose from secondhand contact with the original patient.

New York Times: Two New Cases of Ebola Stem From Secondhand Contact
“Two new cases of Ebola were reported in Nigeria on Friday, both in spouses of health workers who died after caring for the Liberian-American who brought the disease there last month…” (Nossiter/McNeil, 8/22).

Reuters: Nigeria confirms two new cases of Ebola, 14 in total
“Nigeria confirmed two new cases of Ebola, both in patients who caught the disease from people who were primary contacts of the Liberian[-American] man who first brought it to Lagos, the health minister said on Friday. The total number of recorded cases in the country is now 14, Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu told a news conference” (Camillus, 8/22).