10 Rules President-Elect Trump Should Follow To Make Tenure Successful, Move Country Forward

Daily Caller: 10 Rules Trump Should Follow For A Successful Presidency
Dan Glickman, chair of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition

“…Here are 10 things [President-elect Donald Trump] can do to make his tenure a success and move the country forward. 1. Reach out to Congress frequently and be bipartisan. … 2. Show empathy … 3. Remember that many of the voters who put you in office are small town and rural Americans, and folks who largely felt left out of the economy and political process. … 4. You are the nation’s top public servant, so remember that it’s not all about you. … 5. Watch your impulsiveness, particularly on Twitter. … 6. U.S. global leadership is critical not only to this country but to the global order. That means the U.S. has to lead on issues like diplomacy, global food security, disease prevention, and more. President George W. Bush created PEPFAR and saved millions of people from dying of HIV/AIDS. You can produce a smart foreign policy that charts a new course but is responsible and sophisticated in the use of diplomacy, development and defense. 7. … [Get] control of money in politics and be a leader in cleaning up our campaign finance swamp. … 8. Produce a large infrastructure plan with bipartisan support … 9. Visit each cabinet department during your first six months in office. … 10. Above all, listen…” (1/9).