10 Advances In Global Health, Vaccinations For 2015

Huffington Post: 2015: Full Speed Ahead
Orin Levine, director of vaccine delivery at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“…I compiled a quick list of the 10 advances in global health and vaccinations I would like to see in 2015: 1. A fully-funded Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; 2. An end to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa; 3. An overhaul of cold chain equipment around the world; 4. Better immunization data; 5. Pentavalent vaccine for developing countries at less than $1.00 per dose; 6. An end to transmission of Poliovirus in Africa; 7. Expanded use of HPV vaccines as part of comprehensive cervical cancer prevention programs; 8. Better use of vital registration and unique identifiers; 9. Improved protection against epidemic-prone diseases; 10. Greater focus on coverage equity and new vaccine introduction in big countries…” (1/26).