Medicaid Update: Expenditures and Beneficiaries in 1994

This policy brief analyzes Medicaid enrollment and spending in 1994. It examines changes in program enrollment and spending between 1992 and 1994 and explains the factors behind the spending growth. Detailed tables and trend information can be found in Medicaid Expenditures and Beneficiaries: National and State Profiles and Trends, 1984-1994 (#2045).This data book provides extensive informationon Medicaid expenditures and beneficiaries nationally and for each state in 1994. Information is included by type of service and beneficiary group (children, adults, elderly, and disabled). Trend informationon growth in beneficiaries and expenditures in each state is also included, as well as an analyses of the factors contributing to increases in Medicaid expenditures over the 1988-1994 period.