HIV Viral Suppression Rate in U.S. Lowest Among Comparable High-Income Countries

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Public Health Agency of Canada, 2018; The Kirby Institute for infection and immunity in society, 2018; European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 2018; Bradley H, Rosenberg ES & Holtgrave DR, “Data-Driven Goals for Curbing the U.S. HIV Epidemic by 2030,” AIDS and Behavior, 2019; Iwamoto A et al., “The HIV care cascade: Japanese perspectives,” PLoS ONE, 2017.

NOTE: All data are for 2018 except for Canada (2016) and Japan (2015). U.S. estimate based on Bradley et al. All countries defined viral suppression as having a viral load test result of < 200 copies/mL. Country selection based on Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker.