Embed Instructions: Spanish Language Health Insurance Marketplace Calculator

Usage Guidelines

The Kaiser Family Foundation encourages other organizations to embed the Subsidy Calculator on their websites. To do so, simply follow the instructions below. Please do not alter the embed code in any way without advanced permission.

The subsidy calculator widget is intended to be embedded in areas between 300 px and 800 px wide and will expand to fill the container in which you insert it. At 300 px wide, the calculator area will be approximately 1050 px tall.

Embed Code Options


If you are inserting the subsidy calculator into a content management system (CMS) and cannot control its filters, we recommend that you use the basic IFRAME embed code. Many CMSs, such as WordPress, will strip out Javascript when you save the post.

Javascript Embed Code

If you CAN override your CMS’s filters (as is generally possible in Drupal), or if you can edit your template files directly, use the Javascript embed code. The Javascript embed code automatically resizes the height of the widget to fit exactly, and it will resize whenever the parent container’s width changes, making this version preferable for responsive templates.