Zimbabwe Seeks At Least $1.5B In Food Aid In 2016; UNDP Raises $60M, Feeds 1M People

Bloomberg Business: Zimbabwe Says It Will Require $1.6 Billion in Food Aid in 2016
“Zimbabwe will require $1.6 billion to combat hunger amid the country’s most severe drought in two decades that’s already left three million people without enough to eat, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa said…” (Marawanyika, 2/9).

International Business Times: Zimbabwe pleads for $1.5bn in food aid to prevent mass starvation
“…Government officials are appealing to local businesses and charities to help Harare combat brutal hunger across the nation. … Mnangagwa added that an appeal to international donors would also be made on 10 February…” (Sridharan, 2/10).

International Business Times: Zimbabwe: Mugabe urged to invest in agriculture to feed 2.5m starving people due to El Niño
“…The situation is especially critical in Zimbabwe where a declining economy and rising unemployment have made life hard for many people to access food, in the nation once dubbed the breadbasket of southern Africa. Zimbabwe has been a net importer of food since the early 2000s…” (Buchanan, 2/9).

Reuters: UNDP raises $60 mln for food aid in drought-hit Zimbabwe
“The United Nations Development Programme has raised $60 million for food aid in Zimbabwe and is feeding one million people as the country faces its worst drought in a quarter century, the agency’s local head said on Wednesday. The UNDP head of mission in Zimbabwe, Bishow Parajuli, said the U.N. plans to raise $130 million under an emergency fund…” (Dzirutwe, 2/10).