Youth-Led Initiatives Can Help Improve Sexual Health Among Young People In Ghana

Project Syndicate: Sex Talk in Ghana
Esenam Amuzu, European Development Days 2017 Young Leader

“…The lack of sex education has caused severe harm to Ghana’s youth. … Ghana’s young people cannot rely on adults to do all the work; we must advocate on our own behalf. Earlier this year, I helped launch a youth-led initiative called My Teen Life, to give young people a voice in how we talk about sexuality in rural parts of Ghana. … It is already educating parents and guardians about how to talk to their children about sexual health; providing skills training to teenage mothers; and working to break the cycle of poverty and early childbirth. …  Much more work remains to be done, but my colleagues and I believe that when young people provide solutions to their own problems, lasting change is more likely to follow” (7/11).