Private Sector Investment In Health, Youth Population Could Help Kenya Realize Demographic Dividend

Inter Press Service: Kenya’s March Towards Demographic Dividend with Investments in Health Sector Partnering with The Netherlands
H.E. Frans Makken, ambassador of the Netherlands to Kenya

“Demographic dividend is a term which is increasingly preoccupying discussions among development economists and the donor community in general in Kenya. The term refers to countries with the greatest demographic opportunity for development and those that are ushering in a period in which the working-age population has good health, quality education, decent employment, and a lower proportion of young dependents. … However, whether Africa can reap the benefits of a future demographic dividend will depend on how the continent prioritizes those [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)] that will give the continent a competitive edge through its youth. … As the Netherlands is moving from aid to trade, we strongly believe in the contribution of the private sector in achieving the SDGs and investing in the youthful population. … By advancing shared-value partnerships, Kenya will be able to sustainably create more health, education, and employment opportunities for its young people and offer a safety-net to many. Indeed, Kenya is on the way to realizing its demographic dividend; together, we can … make the journey to that goal shorter. Kenya can become a blueprint for the rest of Africa” (7/1).