Young Farmers Critical To Ensuring Food Security

The Guardian: Is global food security jeopardized by an old age timebomb?
Rob Vos, coordinator of the strategic program on rural poverty reduction at the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

FAO “estimates we need to increase global food production by 60 percent by 2050. Under current production patterns, much of the increase would need to come from smallholder family farmers in developing countries, including the poorest, who cultivate about 80 percent of arable land and produce most of the world’s food. Improving productivity and intensifying crop production among these farmers could therefore be key to global food security and ending hunger. … The development community should give priority to financing major investments in further developing ‘save and grow’ and other climate-smart technologies for a wide range of crops, and facilitate their local adaptation through partnerships with local communities and producer organizations. Improving rural infrastructure will be crucial to improving smallholders’ access to markets. But none of these efforts will be enough to ensure global food security, without also supporting programs promoting opportunities for young farmers” (2/4).