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Xinhua Interview Reflects On Global Food Security Solutions

“The challenges in improving global food security are so daunting that no one country or one company can solve them by itself, so the resolution really needs to be collaborative, Dupont Pioneer Vice President Daniel Jacobi said Monday” in an interview with Xinhua, the news agency reports. “Jacobi, who is responsible for the leading U.S. seed producer’s Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa commercial business group, said that everyone can see the demand for agricultural output is to continue to increase over time,” the news agency writes. Jacobi “praised the accomplishments made by China in improving agricultural production, citing that the world’s most populous country feeds 19 percent of the world’s population on seven percent of the arable land,” but “at the same time, Jacobi said China is going to have to do better in the future as more and more migrant workers are moving to the cities of China and are going to have more reliable sources of food” (Fan, 8/28).