WorldRiskReport 2019 Focuses On Access To Water Supply, Dangers Of Water-Related Environmental Events

Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft/Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict: WorldRiskReport 2019
This annual report focuses this year on water supply. The report’s launch page states, “[A]ccess to sufficient clean and safe water varies widely around the world, with the poorest often having to pay the most. Water shortages do not only affect a country’s agriculture and health care, also important development processes fall short when children are sent to fetch water instead of going to school. Extreme natural events and the effects of climate change intensify water-related problems as they push long-established water supply processes to their limits. Therefore, providing water security means two things: on the one hand, guaranteeing people access to water supply, and on the other hand, protecting people from the dangers of water…” (9/17).