World Toilet Day Highlights Global Lack Of Access To Sanitation, Hygiene Facilities

Deutsche Welle: World Toilet Day: A private matter of public health
“…Sunday [was] World Toilet Day. In its 2015 Sustainable Development Goals, the World Health Organization set a target of providing all people with clean drinking water and functioning sanitary systems by the year 2030. In the paper, the WHO emphasizes the importance of providing for the needs of the poor — especially women and girls, for whom toilets are about more than hygiene and health: They are also about safety and education…” (Wagner, 11/19).

NPR: PHOTOS: Peep At The Toilets Of 7 Families Around The World
“…To get a better idea of the range of toilets around the world, take a look at Dollar Street. It’s a project that catalogs everyday objects — like toys, soap, stoves and of course, toilets — to provide a snapshot of life at different income levels across the globe. The project was created by Anna Rosling Ronnlund, the co-founder of Gapminder, a group that uses infographics to explain the world…” (Jochem, 11/19).