World Politics Review Examines Potential Impacts Of President Trump’s Cuts To Aid For 3 Central American Countries

World Politics Review: Cutting U.S. Aid to Central America Is No Way to Address Immigration
“President Donald Trump announced late last month that he is cutting off $450 million in U.S. aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, delivering on a previous threat amid news that another migrant caravan was forming in Central America. The move has drawn significant criticism, even from within Trump’s administration. The aid is largely used for social, economic, and governance development programs that many consider to be an effective, long-term solution to underlying issues — such as violence, poverty, and corruption — that are driving people out of their home countries and toward the United States. … Gutting aid is most likely going to increase outmigration. But the key phrase here is ‘most likely.’ The correlation between aid and migration is not strong enough to make any guarantees…” (Radwin, 4/8).