World Leaders Must Respond To, Prioritize TB, Diabetes Co-Epidemic

Project Syndicate: The Deadly Axis of TB and Diabetes
Anthony Harries, senior adviser and director of the Department of Research at the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

“…On November 2, public health stakeholders, including representatives of business, civil society, and international aid organizations, gathered in Bali, Indonesia, to lay the groundwork for a global campaign to tackle the looming co-epidemic of TB and diabetes — the first-ever health summit specifically focused on a response to the twin scourge. … Attendees were asked to sign ‘The Bali Declaration,’ a pledge to implement specific health care policies proven to help bring down TB and diabetes rates. … The Bali summit highlighted the indispensable opportunity we have to take preemptive action against a looming health care crisis. But it must be followed by urgent action and commitment of resources. World leaders must be made to recognize the dual threat of TB and diabetes — and make it a high policy-making priority — before it is too late” (11/12).