World Leaders Must Have Political Will To Fund, Implement Highly Effective Health Programs, NYT Columnist Says

New York Times: World Leaders Once Made Miracles, and Can Again
Nicholas Kristof, columnist for the New York Times

“…We live in an age of miracles when a group of public health nerds, backed by world leaders and front-line health workers, can save lives by the million. … Yet today the kind of global leadership we saw in the early 2000s is gone. Bravo to French President Emmanuel Macron for remaining a supporter of multilateral aid, but he’s the exception. President Trump has tried to slash aid, although in Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike have resisted … We have proven that we have the capacity to save lives, improve education and health, create opportunities for women and girls — yet we also seem to have lost interest. … One ray of sunshine: Leaders at the United Nations last month committed themselves to achieving universal health coverage by 2030. Here in America, we’re still feuding about access to medical care, but countries like Chile, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Ghana, Thailand, and Kyrgyzstan are showing that moving toward universal coverage is possible even with limited resources. If these countries can manage it, why is the most powerful country in the history of the world stymied?…” (10/5).