World Leaders Must Commit To Advancing UHC To Effectively Address TB, NCDs, Mental Health

Project Syndicate: Governments Must Stand Up for Health
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the WHO

“…[W]hile TB and NCDs are very different types of health threats, the best response to them is the same: We must build stronger health systems that are capable of delivering universal health coverage (UHC). … The principles underlying UHC apply equally to protecting people against TB, NCDs, and promoting mental health. But while the urgent need for UHC is widely understood, real change will not happen without a greater commitment from the highest levels of government. … By highlighting the challenges posed by TB and NCDs, the U.N. is giving political leaders a unique chance to put the well-being of their citizens first. They should remember that promoting health pays dividends on many other fronts, too, from economic development to security. … The U.N. General Assembly is a unique opportunity for world leaders to foster a true global good — better health for their citizens — by advancing universal coverage to end TB, beat NCDs, and promote better mental health” (9/21).