World Bank Announces $2.2B Funding Package For Humanitarian, Development Needs In 14 Low-Income Nations Hosting Refugees

Devex: World Bank pledges $2.2B for refugees and host communities
“The World Bank has announced that it will offer up to $2.2 billion in grants over a three-year period for projects focused on refugees and their host communities. Known as the Window for Host Communities and Refugees, or WHR, the funding package aims to address the long-term development needs of displacement in 14 low-income countries that are hosting a significant number of refugees, including Uganda, Ethiopia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. … The bank recognizes that there is an increasing overlap between development and humanitarian issues, said Axel van Trotsenburg, the World Bank’s managing director of operations, during the Global Refugee Forum in Geneva, where the funding was announced…” (Root, 12/19).