Working Group On SDGs Moving Toward Discussions On Specific Goals

The Guardian profiles Macharia Kamau, Kenya’s representative to the U.N. and co-chair of the open working group on sustainable development goals (SDGs). The group is tasked with “the design of a new set of ambitious, global goals that will apply to all countries and help orient international attention — and resources — towards tackling some of the world’s most pressing problems,” the newspaper writes, adding, “To do this, he and Csaba Kõrösi, his Hungarian counterpart, will have to bring together governments who disagree on issues such as women’s rights, diplomatically fend off demands from NGOs and campaign groups insistent that their issue takes priority, and grapple with country blocs and bureaucratic, inter-governmental processes.” The Guardian continues, “Between now and March, the working group is looking for broad consensus on what the main issues are and how they affect all countries, says Kamau. The group will then get into detail on specific goals, and by September 2014 should have a set of proposals ready to unveil at the U.N. General Assembly” (Provost, 10/21).