‘Women In The World Summit’ Addresses Maternal Health, Women’s Voices

News outlets report from the “Women in the World Summit,” which took place in New York last week.

Daily Beast: Fighting Maternal Mortality
The article discusses the “Breakthroughs in the Fight Against Maternal Mortality” panel, sponsored by Merck, that took place at the “Women in the World Summit” Friday in New York City (Barr, 4/4).

Huffington Post: Jon Stewart At Women’s Summit: ‘I Still Naively Believe That We Can All Make A Difference’
“As its name suggests, the ‘Women in the World Summit’ focuses on defiant and determined women who are making this planet a safer and more empowered place for their gender. But, because he is such an ardent advocate for women’s issues, Jon Stewart was invited to take to the main stage. The usually sardonic comic had a surprisingly hopeful message to share…” (Goldberg, 4/4).