Widespread Famines Extinguished But Conflicts, Humanitarian Disasters Continue To Threaten Food Security, Report Says

Associated Press: Global Hunger: Calamitous famine eradicated in last 50 years
“…Calamitous famines appear to have vanished from the planet, but more must be done to eradicate all such scourges, including redrafting U.S. terror legislation that inhibits life-saving humanitarian work, says a new report published Monday. The study, part of the 2015 Global Hunger Index, says it’s one of the ‘unheralded achievements’ of the past 50 years: the elimination of calamitous famines that cause more than one million deaths, and reduction ‘almost to a vanishing point’ of great famines, which cause more than 100,000 deaths…” (Faul, 10/12).