WHO’s SAGE Group Releases Summary Of Recommendations On Vaccines For Various Diseases, Including Ebola

CIDRAP News: WHO vaccine advisers weigh in on polio, cholera, Ebola, diphtheria
“World Health Organization (WHO) vaccine advisers wrapped up a three-day meeting in Geneva [Thursday] and made recommendations regarding immunization for several diseases, including polio, cholera, Ebola, and diphtheria. [Friday], the agency released a summary of its 15-member Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) meeting and will publish a full report in a June issue of its Weekly Epidemiological Record…” (Schnirring, 4/28).

VOA News: Ebola Vaccine Could Be a Game-changer
“…Of 12 candidate [Ebola] vaccines, only one that was tested in Guinea reportedly has proven to be clinically effective. However, the chair of SAGE and WHO senior health adviser, Alejandro Cravioto, notes the vaccine is not yet licensed and therefore should only be used under strict conditions, such as informed consent. … Cravioto tells VOA this vaccine could be a game-changer because it has demonstrated its effectiveness and its impact in a particular setting, with a particular species of Ebola…” (Schlein, 4/28).