WHO Urges Donors To Scale Up Operations In South Sudan

The WHO has called for international donors to scale up their operations in South Sudan as the humanitarian situation escalates and poor conditions in camps pose health risks to displaced persons.

Vaccine News Daily: WHO calls for funding for health initiatives in South Sudan
“The World Health Organization announced on Tuesday that the humanitarian situation in South Sudan is worsening and is calling for donor agencies to provide funding to health partners to maintain access to health care services…” (Limardo, 1/6).

WHO: Health response to the conflict in South Sudan
“A new wave of civil conflict and violence in South Sudan has left around 189,000 newly displaced people in a dire humanitarian situation. The precarious sanitary conditions in IDP camps, the disruption of health services and the risk of communicable diseases have prompted WHO to scale up its operations in the country. The organization is appealing for $4.1 million for immediate support for coordination, emergency health care and disease surveillance…” (1/6).