WHO, U.N. Officials Urge Sudan To Cease Violence Against Health Workers, Patients, Civilians

The Lancet: Health targeted in Sudan’s political transition
“WHO has urged Sudan to end violence against health workers, patients, and peaceful campaigners after security forces raided a protest camp and made incursions into hospitals in Khartoum, leading to the injuries or deaths of hundreds of people. Sudanese opposition groups say that 113 people were killed after the storming of the civilian sit-in camp in front of the military’s headquarters on June 3, whereas the government says that 61 people were killed, including three security personnel…” (Devi, 6/15).

U.N. News: Sudan: top U.N. official demands cessation of violence and rape against civilians by security forces
“… ‘I demand the immediate and complete cessation of all violence against civilians including sexual violence,’ stated Special Representative Patten, noting that the [the ‘Rapid Support Forces’ or RSF — a paramilitary group run by the Sudanese Government –] have consistently been listed in the U.N. Secretary-General’s annual report on conflict-related sexual violence. ‘[They] should take effective measures to prevent and punish sexual violence in accordance with relevant Security Council resolutions, including resolution 2467,’ she added…” (6/13).