WHO To Release Data On Global Air Pollution Next Month, The Guardian Reports

The Guardian: Shock figures to reveal deadly toll of global air pollution
“The World Health Organization has issued a stark new warning about deadly levels of pollution in many of the world’s biggest cities, claiming poor air quality is killing millions and threatening to overwhelm health services across the globe. Before the release next month of figures that will show air pollution has worsened since 2014 in hundreds of already blighted urban areas, the WHO says there is now a global ‘public health emergency’ that will have untold financial implications for governments…” (Vidal/Helm, 1/16).

The Guardian: Air pollution: a dark cloud of filth poisons the world’s cities
“…According to a recent study in Nature, led by Johannes Lelieveld, director of the Max Planck Institute for chemistry in Germany, more people now die from air pollution than malaria and HIV combined. They include 1.4 million people a year in China and 650,000 in India. This compares with about 180,000 a year in Europe…” (Vidal, 1/16).