WHO Should Add Mycetoma To Official List Of NTDs To Help Encourage Funders To Commit To R&D Efforts

Global Health NOW: End Mycetoma’s Catch-22
Amy Maxmen, freelance journalist, and Brian W. Simpson, editor-in-chief of Global Health NOW

“…The lack of research about mycetoma’s prevalence is one reason it’s not on [the WHO’s official list of neglected tropical diseases]. Yet in order for foundations and government agencies to commit funds for even basic epidemiological studies on mycetoma, it needs to be on the list. It’s a Catch-22 that’s stymied much-needed research for decades. … Mycetoma deserves the world’s attention. … Among topics [the] WHO’s Executive Board will discuss at this week’s meeting in Geneva is Item 9.4. Mycetoma. The board will consider a resolution … [that] calls on the 69th World Health Assembly and member countries to expand research into mycetoma and to support intervention and control efforts. The resolution also asks WHO [to] finally add the disease to WHO’s neglected tropical diseases list. … We urge the WHO Executive Board to recommend the WHA approve the resolution and help start driving change” (1/26).