WHO Revising HIV Treatment Recommendations To Include All With Disease; Studies Show Early Treatment Can Lower Risk Of Death, AIDS-Related Events

aidsmap: World Health Organization to recommend HIV treatment for all
“The World Health Organization will issue new HIV treatment guidelines later this year recommending treatment for all, regardless of CD4 cell count, Dr. Meg Doherty of the WHO Department of HIV/AIDS told a satellite meeting ahead of the 8th International AIDS Society Conference (IAS 2015) in Vancouver on Sunday…” (Alcorn, 7/20).

Nature: World Health Organization to recommend early treatment for everyone with HIV
“… ‘Given the very encouraging results we’ve heard at this conference, we’re working towards a recommendation to provide treatment to all people that are HIV positive, early,’ says Gottfried Hirnschall, director of the WHO’s HIV/AIDS department. The update to the agency’s guidelines is expected to take effect in December…” (Senthilingam, 7/20).

Reuters Health: Starting HIV therapy early stalls death, AIDS-related events
“For people infected with HIV, starting therapy before AIDS symptoms appear or before levels of a certain kind of white blood cell fall below a specific threshold can dramatically delay the development of AIDS-related events and death, according to two studies released by the New England Journal of Medicine…” (Emery, 7/20).