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WHO Report Examines Global Nutrition Policies

The WHO has released a new report (.pdf), titled “Global nutrition policy review: What does it take to scale up nutrition action?,” which “is based on a questionnaire survey conducted during 2009-2010, in which 119 WHO Member States and four territories participated,” according to the report’s webpage. The review “analyzed the information on whether the countries have nutrition policies and programs and if so, what topics the policies cover, how they are being implemented, what the implementation coverage is, who the stakeholders are, what coordination mechanism exists, and how the monitoring and evaluation are being implemented,” the website states, adding, “Most countries that responded to the review had policies and programs that are addressing key nutrition issues, such as undernutrition, infant and young child feeding, vitamin and mineral malnutrition, and obesity and diet-related [non-communicable diseases (NCDs)]. The review nevertheless identified a number of gaps in the design, content and implementation of these policies and programs” (June 2013).