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WHO Releases Essential Diagnostics List To Help Ensure Use Of Correct Treatments, Effective Disease Monitoring

Healio: WHO releases first ‘Essential Diagnostics List’
“WHO published its first-ever list of essential diagnostic tests [Tuesday] to address the prevalence of late or incorrect diagnoses and improve treatment outcomes globally…” (Ghizzone, 5/15).

Intellectual Property Watch: WHO Issues First-Ever List Of Essential Diagnostic Tests
“… ‘For each category of test, the Essential Diagnostics List specifies the type of test and intended use, format, and if appropriate for primary health care or for health facilities with laboratories,’ WHO said in a release. ‘The list also provides links to WHO Guidelines or publications and, when available, to prequalified products’…” (5/15).

U.N. News: U.N. health agency launches new diagnostic tool to ensure effective treatment
“…The list contains more than 100 products involving 58 tests for detecting and diagnosing a wide range of common conditions; and providing an essential package for screening and managing patient care. Other tests are designed to detect, diagnose, and monitor ‘priority’ diseases, such as HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis B and C, human papillomavirus, and syphilis…” (5/15).

Xinhua News: 1st WHO list of diagnostic tests unveiled to boost diagnosis accuracy
“…Similar to the WHO Essential Medicines List, which has been in use for four decades, the Essential Diagnostics List is intended to serve as a reference for countries to update or develop their own list of essential diagnostics…” (5/16).