WHO Releases 11-Year Global Influenza Plan, Saying Threat Of Pandemic Flu ‘Ever-Present’

Deutsche Welle: Next flu pandemic ‘a matter of when, not if,’ says WHO
“The World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday outlined a global plan for fighting influenza and trying to prevent or slow any worldwide outbreak of the viral disease, warning that the danger of a pandemic was ‘ever-present’…” (Jones, 3/11).

Reuters: World must prepare for inevitable next flu pandemic, WHO says
“… ‘The threat of pandemic influenza is ever-present,’ Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO’s director general, said in a statement. ‘We must be vigilant and prepared — the cost of a major influenza outbreak will far outweigh the price of prevention’…” (Kelland, 3/11).

U.N. News: U.N. unveils global influenza strategy to prevent ‘real’ threat of pandemic
“…The WHO’s 11-year plan focuses on the formulation of robust national programs and has three goals: reducing seasonal influenza, minimizing the risk of transmission from animals to humans, and limiting the impact of a pandemic. In addition, WHO is calling for better tools to prevent, detect, control, and treat influenza, such as more efficient vaccines and anti-viral drugs…” (3/11).

Additional coverage of the WHO’s flu plan is available from Fortune, The Telegraph, and VOA News.